Here are some of the qualities we look for in prospective church planters and missional pastors: Passionate Spirituality....Committed to ongoing spiritual growth through prayer, study, worship, and community. Calling by God.... Knows that God has called them to a specific region to accomplish the Great Commission. Clear visionizing capacity... Is able to hear the will of God and communicate God's vision for the church to the people in such a way that the people of the church take personal ownership of the vision. Empowering missional leadership.... Is able to empower God's people to be an effective church that multiplies disciples. Strong relational network in community.....Develops relationships easily with a diverse population of people. Entrepreneurial Ability...Capacity to initiate new projects. Perseverance.... Sees obstacles as leading to new opportunities. Commitment to the Great Commission.... Has proven track record of making disciples that multiply other disciples. To find out more click here.